earlier tonight, i discussed journals with a friend. to skip the bull, important conclusions/inspirations from said conversation are:

1. journals are good!

2. the creative conceptualizations of thoughts conjured by our minds, followed by processes of transcription and translation to physical form (like put down on paper, or bloggy-form!) helps one separate, perhaps organize and wade through their emotions.

wade. i like how this word sounds here, but it seems a bit too nice. you and i are both of the human kind and therefore all-too-aware of the nature of emotions. at any given time, trying to sort through them (or “wade”!) may seem as pleasurable and euphoric as good music, good food, good love, good sex, perfect days, warmth, light, family, hope, peace, ¬†love. the bestest things ever! you arent even wading, you’re floating in bliss….and then at any other given moment, trying to deal with your emotions is more like wading through 7 feet of horse shit and ragged shards of glass for 87 miles with a migraine. ¬†hellish as the power of all your fears, pains, enemies, terrors and bad times rolled into an massive ball of evil energy times 019385019358.

3. similar to the relationship i have with yoga, i should get back into a routine of writing. see how long a new spurt can last.