judge less, love more.

the power of positive thought. the power of thought, rather.

the places your mind can go.

i often look back and think, “what the Fuck was i thinking?”. i need to focus more on what i am doing right Now. i am attempting to express a decent, encompassing collection of particularly profound (by my Memory’s standards, at least) thoughts that indicate particularly significant (dictated by my most accessible, bias Discretion) thoughts that i have thunk. i get annoyed by long wordy sentences.

“choose your own Path”

roll with the punches,
relax with the flow-
nothing is as Bad or as Good as it seems.

yesterday, i saw an NCAA basketball game on the television. i laughed out loud remembering how old the NCAA players looked on TV when i was in high school.

we are all swirling and zooming through space!

“like a river flows, surely to the sea…”

this is an ongoing list….