my parents recently celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. call me a bad daughter, but i lost track of what year they were on somewhere in the early 20’s. its sorta like when my dad turned 57 last may. ever since he turned 5o he’s always been an early-50-something in my mind. when i realized he was closer to 60 than 50 it was like bamboombah whoa! 31 years. not bad mommy and daddy, not bad at all.

they met in modesto california, my dad’s hometown. my mom had recently graduated college in wiscANsin and moved west to work with special needs children. my dad was her waiter in a restaurant. the first time they hung out they ate bagels and listened to records (not much changes in the lovely early-twenties dating world, eh? or maybe like parents like daughter? i dunno, that just seems like a familiar type of activity.) she was a sheltered, catholic good-girl from a teeny town in northern wisconsin. he was an eccentric free-spirit hippy of sorts. i love them to death.