i spend a lot of time in the past. to be cliche, life is short.

my ideal future:

i have found, stumbled upon or been blessed with a career that i enjoy. i do not dread going to work every day. rather, i feel inspired by how i spend my time. motivated, fueled and assertive. i live by the water, preferably a river or ocean. the sun shines and the skies blaze bright blue more days than not. i get enough sleep and let myself dream. physical and psychological vices do not take precedence over health and introspective growth. self-loathing, jealousy and insatiable boredom are petty remnants of the past, like my beliefs in santa claus or fairytale endings. life does not lack adventure. my loves are as passionate as they are calming. my children replace much of my self centerdness. i treat my family with the love and thoughtfulness they deserve; an infinitely immense amount, but i will try. i listen, forgive and never stop learning.